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A lot of hair growth products are making large claims they can’t back up. It is important to choose a solution that will not only work, but is safe to use and medically backed.

Hår Vokse is not only formulated with clinically proven ingredients, but has also been shown in extensive clinical studies to produce significant regrowth in 63.9% of participants!

Some hair loss solutions work on a temporary basis – encouraging more hair to grow without actually conditioning the scalp or hair follicles so that the quality of the new hair isn’t good and it doesn’t last.

The only thing worse than having to wear a toupee or wig is sporting a thin, lack lustre coating of hair that could have come out of a can!

When so many other hair solution products sacrifice quality for quick fixes it’s hardly surprising some people opt for more serious solutions like hair transplants which cost upwards of £8000 and require constant maintenance.

So why is Hår Vokse so effective? The secret is in the powerful blend of fish proteins known as Marine Polysaccharides.

Norwegian Scientists such as Dr Erling Thomas found that a combination of marine protein and vitamins can produce some amazing results for suffers of thinning hair and baldness.

The main component of HårVokse™ is a natural marine protein complex which contains a group of proteoglycans that has been shown to regulate the proliferation of cells in dermis (the skin) and which is especially important for the function of the hair follicle and re-growth of the hair.

Proteoglycans, as can be found in HårVokse™, play an important part in regulating the epithelial-mesenchymal signalling exchange that regulates the hair follicle activity, and therefore are necessary to maintain normal hair growth.